November 07, 2007

Barrack Obama gets the endorsement of Terror supporter on YOUTUBE


Just go look, and try to survive the Islamist cheap attempt to be a rapper.


But DO check out the flag on the wall, and tell me what you think it is!


USA, all the way!

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November 02, 2007

I'm a sad sad excuse for a blogger, however, please help me anyway!

I'm after this guy.


He  is a hater, and he has fun with it. I'd like to (CENSORED) so he never does this sort of thng again, but that would be illegal.

Many of us have already complained to YouTube about him. This is my latest complaint below;

I'm flagging this user for hate speech.

I'm also passing this on to friends in the media, including bloggers I know.

You seem to have very one sided policies that the public needs to be aware of.

Thank you for not setting a good example.


Now if you want to go and complain to Youtube about this guy, I'd really appreciate it. if you want to go to the media, and let them have a peek, I'd say go for it!

YouTube enforces it's Terms Of Service in a bigoted and one sided way, regarding anything involving the religion of peace, or liberal politics. They are protected by YT lack of interest, while YT zeros in on their opposites, like Anti-jihad, anti-lib videos, who they do delete quite frequently.

So please go and complain, so this sick hater gets a letter, or maybe suspended. And thank you




UPDATED 11/04/07

The weasel! I posted a comment at Howie's Blog, and at MyPetJawa, just comments, and he switched his background from what it had been before;

Jesus Christ nailed to a huge swastika!

He is still a hater, and the sort who claims interfaith dialogue is for the weak. I don't know what to ask for now. The YouTubers who pointed him out to me were trying to get YouTube to stop ignoring them, and as we know, YT is quick to delete anything anti-terror, or anti-left, but slow to take down anti-American stuff.


I figure they actually bothered to read thew Jawa Report because it is a top notch blog, and in my personal opinion the very best of the best! If your all about defeating the Jihad against the west, you read the Jawa Report, and I think the enemy knows this very well. So I thank the Jawas for being there.

I really have to do my job with this Blog, and turn up the heat on YouTube Jihadists. Even the little cowardly ones that live in sock accounts.


Anyway, thanks to all my fans


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August 24, 2007

Cat Stevens and his DEEN!

You may know Cat Stevens as the 'Peace Train' dude, but he became a Muslim some time ago. I'm not going to go into to much detail today. But if you watch the vid, or you follow the link, you can watch what Islam did to the mind of 'PeaceTrain' Cat Stevens and then you can decide whether it is a religion of peace or not;


If you think this is because he doesn't understand his religious obligations, I suggest you do mor research.

As an update, the YouTube accounts of various users are being targeted by organized campaigns of Muslims, and end up being suspended. Now retaliation has occured as atheists, and other non-muslims have tried the same thing.

YouTube is both a source for information, and a war zone to promote the point of view you want heard while trying to silence your opposition. How long this will continue, we can only guess.

USA all the way!

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August 09, 2007

Mauretania decides to end slavery with prison sentences.

Have you ever heard anyone talking about how , oh say ... "The Americans" enslaved all the Africans? Have you heard it in tones as if we invaded and colonized the place just to use its people?

Well one of my pet peeves as a modern American is that the USA never gets a fair shake in these kinds of rants. We as a nation, were created at the tail end of 'European' involvement with slavery. Our nations Founding Fathers were by and large mostly abolitionists. Even slave holders like Jefferson considerd the economics of it to be vulgar, and wished to change the system. It took years, and finally a war costing over half a million American lives, but we did away with slavery.

But where did the slavery start?

Slavery wasn't a common European practice. As the Moors were driven out of Spain, so the practice went mostly with them. In lands where the Serf class was still existent, such as in Russia, the people were not so much owned, as they were victims of an economic system with no developing capitalist middle class. In England, the laws had long since increased the freedom of many men, and the Magna Carta was an established matter of law.

Where slavery in the new world started, was with the legacy of the Moors. Spaniards had been exposed to this economic reality for centuries after the Moors first conquered the land about 700AD. Additionally, the north and western coasts of Africa, were close at hand. As European traders entered the African markets, there could be found all sorts of things. Of particular note, it was possible to buy human beings, slaves, from the Islamic merchants. The trade of human beings for slavery was justified by the sellers. These were pagans from the interior quite often, and in any case were "inferior" to the Muslims who took them in raids.

As the development of the new world required labor, the slaves became much more in demand,and this increased the raiding by slavers into the interior. people were taken to market, and sold to the visiting Spaniards, and other Europeans. Oh, yes, some of the best were reserved for special markets, where a slave might earn the attention of a rich Ottoman master, but after all, this was a business, and who ever pays the most, can get the best.

Well you might recall that recently Americans have been hearing more and more about how the white folks need to make amends for what the black folks have suffered. Basically, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of Americans died to free the black slaves in the USA, and despite the decades of affirmative action, which grant undue benefits and priveliges based on race, or color, some people want the "white" government to make repairations. Nice ....

And we can suppose it will be in the form of racially biased entitlements, paid out of special taxes. Who pays these taxes? Well it would probably be everyone. I suppose they could just make it a law that only white people have to pay the tax, and that other ethnic groups are exempt ...

But before we get to that point, I feel like sharing with you an inconveneient truth about slavery. for almost 150 years it has been abolished in the USA, and before that, western civilization had already done much to withdraw from the slave trade with Africa, but even today, slavery still exists, and is a cultural force to be reconed with. Not in the land of the "white people" but in Africa, where Europeans first got those really good deals from the locals.

So as you can see, I'm tired of hearing about how the white anglo saxon protestant man did this or that thing, while anti-white (and anti-Christian) bigots continue to ignore the continueing slavery in the Muslim, and third world, especially as carried on by Africans.

Thats all. I had a 'worm' attack my computer so its been awhile. I'll be back more often.

USA, all the way!

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July 07, 2007



He is a decent guy, not a terrorist sympathizer! 

We do know of a terror supporting mouse, who entices kids to want to die, and become martyrs though! It's the ANTI-MICKEY!!!

We suspect that OUR MICKEY wont take being used by terrorists LAYING DOWN!!!

Maybe we should all take a cue here ???

USA, all the way!

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July 06, 2007


Not bad, all things considered ...

Basically, there is a lot of talk about 'record breaking' heat.  Funny how it doesn't seem to be that bad.

Summer in Montana has always been strange. I have seen snow flakes (flakes, as being distinct from hail) in mid July, and I have got scorched on many others. I have been drenched by rain, had by barbecues blown away in summer storms, and one summer I spent two weeks of vacation sittting in a camper playing cards as the rain came down.

We get high summer temperatures, along with the whole smorgasboard. "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes."  As the sun finishes going out of view, I see a Junebug fly past my window. Not much smaller than a Hummingbird, the Junebug seems to be unconcerned about the hype in the headlines. It doesn't seem to be that bad.

Have a cooler Saturday anyway 

USA, all the way!

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So I guess if you speak your mind, and vote your conscience with the Democratic party, they try and throw you off the truck, and discredit you ... but treatment like that doesn't always go unpunished. Lieberman proves the point. He also proves there is a market for candidates who are thier own men, and not the slaves of party dogma. Consider the following link ...

As it works out, Lieberman is going to KEEP voting his conscience. The Dems had to cut the chains from him to throw him off, and now it seems he is genuinely FREE! No more chains! Bruised, but better than ever, Liberman is a force greater now, than he ever was as a party stooge.

I don't always agree with him, and in fact, I sometimes really strongly disagree, but I do genuinely respect him.  If he ran for office I'd count him a viable candidate, because I like direct, and honest leaders. He could get my vote! Serious!   ...   So far I'm a Fred-Head. I wonder who Fred could run with ...?

USA, all the way!

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July 05, 2007

In the struggle between civilization, and barbarism, who is targeting children?

I can tell you this ... it is never the purpose or intent of the civilized West, to select and attack a helpless 3 year old girl on her way to school!

Much is made about the West (UK, NATO, USA) killing children when striking at the Taliban, or whatever other terrorists. It happens because the terrorists are exploiting them as cannon fodder, or cover.  Children are taught to hate at the age of three, to pray for martyrdom by the time they are ten, and strap on a suicide belt, or pick up a AK-47 as early as age 11.

Oh yeah, sometimes the men Michael Moore called 'freedom fighter' will get carried away, and strap a bomb onto a six year old (or hadn't you heard about that?) but basically the pattern is solid.

We in the West send our men into a noble effort to rout terrorism, and the terrorists throw thier children into the line of fire, often primed to kill our men!

Today's link is all about a little girl stolen, her life targeted as possibly forfeit, if someone doesn't cave in to the demands of those who stole her.

Her attackers are the kind of vermin who have no human decency, and they are the kind our troops have to confront every day, while our media system seems intent to tar and feather them for taking the responsability, and facing this kind of horror. May I add, that our brave servicemen, and women, do this out of love for country, and they do it voluntarily?

Evil men like Michael Moore would have you believe it is US, and our champions, who are sick, and misguided. What ever do you suppose he gets out of doing that?  It's not as if he could make a hundred million dollars or anything ....

Actually, I'd wager Moore has gotten richer than a Haliburton CEO by ripping on, and lying about our troops, and thier commander in chief! Haliburton itself is less profitable annually then the industries that have popped up to cash in on the 'global warming' hysteria. Go figure....

I suppose Moore would try to find a way to blame the West for the terror that a little British child is now going through. If she dies, I'd bet he will ignore it, or justify it in light of 'Western' crimes. Meanwhile her family ...

... you can only imagine what they are going through. If you were the mother of a beautiful child (if your a Parent, then the child must be beautiful) and the child was stolen by rough and violent extremists, where is your consolation?

Nothing helps but getting your child back, safe, and sound! I hope and pray that this child is back home as soon as possible, and her family may heal.

USA, all the way!


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July 04, 2007

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!







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July 03, 2007


Scooter Libby has had his sentence commuted, and so now at least he doesn't have to go to prison while he is appealing his bogus conviction.  Libby is a human being who pretty obviously got railroaded via the insanity of "Bush derangement syndrome". 

If getting confused about memories was really a crime deserving prison time, then every Mom who got confused about the recipe while baking cookies should go to prison as well! Libby has been succesfully mauled by Bush haters, when he had nothing to do with anything ABOUT Plames 'outing'.

He was asked about what he could remember, and because memory is often a sketchy thing, he gave answers that could be made to seem as if they were intentional lies, by a determined prosecutors.

Because the left still engages in the modern version of the 'Witch hunt' we will continue to see such travesties of justice. Good people will be smeared on the stand, and simple human vulnerability will be exploited to satisfy the cruel demands of partisan politics. Worse ... they will only be attacking good people who are seen as 'them'.  People like Bill Clinton will get away with a measured, obvious and calculated lie, right into the cameras, but Scooter, who was only struggling to remember something, will be burned at the proverbial stake!

We need to realize that the left can now ruin you with special prosecutors, activist judges, and hype, even if you are as innocent as a baby! And they will do so without conscience, if it suits thier politic purposes.

We live in evil times kids!  Some folks want to chop of our head cause we aren't submissive enough, and others want to chain us down and beat us because we aren't pathologically socialist!  Learn to fight!

USA, all the way!

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June 17, 2007


The Christian Church has a following that by and large does not use violence to handle insults to thier faith. Case in point ...

Short version, a video game uses a Holy landmark as a scene for gun battles and violence, and offends the faithful in the process.

Expect embassies to get burned, and people to get beheaded, or otherwise killed and injured because of this. That IS how some religions (read ONE religion) react if you step on thier toes even accidentally.

Something must be seriously wrong with these 'Christians' because it sounds like they are going to meet the videogame makers, and DISCUSS it with them. What? No beheadings?  No burning of embassies?

Oh crap! Well that seems hardly newsworthy doesn't it?

Mom's doing OK, and I'm still busy.

USA, all the way!


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May 28, 2007

Unknown Soldiers

Heroes are the stuff of legends and myths. But then again, they are not mythical at all. Every one of us, as mundane as we are, as down to Earth as we are, has the capacity for true heroism. Sometimes we are so busy talking about the legendary kind, that we forget the Earthly heroes. They are 'Unknown' soldiers.

Mom's and Dad's, teachers, doctors, firefighters, police, and US Marines. It doesn't really matter what job description you have. It matters what your heart tells you to do when it's 'Crunch Time'.  Heroes do the right thing. When it is hard to do it. When it matters most. Even when it hurts!

We have had so many American heroes. The attempt to catagorize all the kinds of heroism performed by Americans, is itself, to much of a task for me. A lot of time, heroes die. Those are the ones that hurt our hearts.

The everday acts of heroism can be repeated, and do a lot of lasting good. But some acts of heroism are once in a lifetime ... literally. Whatever good is accomplished has to be weighed against the loss of the one who put thier life on the line to see that good upheld. When the hero is close to us ... a family member or friend, then it quite often exceeds our mortal capacity to cope. How do you find it inside yourself to say a deed was good, and lasting, if your overwhelmed by the pain of losing a Son, or Daughter ... a Mother, or Father ... a Husband or Wife?!

We lose heroes all the time, and those who live on to remember them, need to be heroic in dealing with thier loss. Because the empty place at the table hits you every day, you need to be heroic every day to deal with it. When a child asks when the missing parent is coming home, it takes a special kind of heroism to find the answer. On a daily basis.

America has been at odds with evil forces before, and will be again. For as long as we uphold our standards of Liberty and Justice, handed down to us through the heroism of our Founders, then despots, and fanatics will oppose the hope we represent. They will oppose the American Dream. And to be absolutely clear, the American Dream is about people being free to make a life for themselves AS THEY WILL! It isn't some materialistic vision about staying ahead of the Jones's. Despots and fanatics don't usually mind if you have stuff, as long as you are totally submissive and obedient.

The despots and fanatics DO MIND that somewhere in the world, people can speak, worship, associate with who-ever, and pursue happiness without thier express permission. It drives them crazy! Our example, our DREAM, drive them insane! So it comes to pass that they seek ways to strike at us, and so we are forever at war with this kind of evil, even when we think it's gotten quiet, and peaceful. While you sleep, your fellow citizens ... heroes, stand guard. Some of them will die for you.

Honor that sacrifice, with some heroism of your own. Honor what they lived to uphold, and what they died for. Never let what they died to accomplish fade, or fall into ruin. What they saved for future generations, it now falls to us to guard.

To all Americans who fought the good fight, and to thier families, I offer my sincerest gratitude. Thank you for the future. Thank you for everything!

In memory ...'s%20DC%20Trip/Korean%20War%20Memorial%202.jpg's%20DC%20Trip/WWII%20Memorial%20(Day)%2003.jpg

God Bless America!  USA, all the way!

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May 25, 2007


I find so little to be really happy with in the news.

We are fully capable of winning the second part of the war in iraq if we could get Congress to shut up and work for it. But they won't.

We could deal with the illegal immigration problem if we treated it with due respect as a major law enforcement issue, but instead we are going to trivialize the whole thing, and grant amnesty to 12 million plus invaders.

I could go on ... but I won't.

Here is to "the good old days" when of course "everything was simpler".

It really wasn't simpler. They just had less high paced information technology and media. Our collective mental mythology seems to always reach back for the past. Maybe it's human nature to yearn for 'childhood' again, when 'Mommy and Daddy' made things simple by feeding you, and clothing you, and telling you when it was bed time, and telling you it was just a nightmare when you used to wake up screaming. Yeah ... maybe.

Anyway, I need to find a pick-me-up I can share with all of you as well.

Here it is ... 

When I was younger, and I really needed to escape from my own life, I'd read the various works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. He is the guy who thought up Tarzan Of The Apes.  All of his books were a trip into high adventure where amazing coincidences played out, and noble savages faced the dangers of the wild, and the treachery of villains.

Whether it was Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, David Innes, and Abner Perry at the Earths Core, or any of his other protagonists, each of them was confronted with bizarre and exciting dangers they often had to face with personal courage, and quick wits. All of them expressed a sense of tolerance for others which was very much American.  All of them gave me a way out of my daily darkness. Yes, I was fairly depressed as a child.

Thats OK. I learned a lot from Burroughs heros that I try to apply to my world even now, years later.  No matter how bad it gets, or dark it seems, there is always a chance to turn things around as long as you are able to imagine it, and make the effort to try.

John Carter of Mars said it best, as I recall.  Faced with an impossible situation, and almost certain doom, John Carter said "I still live!"

Well ... I STILL LIVE!  And so does this country!  And so do our chances to turn this all around with courage, and wits. We can hang onto our tolerance, as long as we don't tolerate treacherous villains. We may even get an amazing coincidence or two, that help us out, BUT only if we imagine it is possible, and make the effort to try and be ready for it!


Pain may hurt, but it reminds you your not dead yet, and that is a good thing.

So lets break out the wits and courage, and go out there and kick our problems in the butt!

Thanks Ed' cause you saved my life quite a few times, and all you did was write stuff for me to read. I have never paid you back yet, but I'll try!


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May 23, 2007



It's spring.  I had some ditches to dig, and some 'May' sunstroke to get for not wearing any sunscreen. Yes ... I do know how stupid that is

Mom's feeling better

Money is tight

I may have to cancel my vacation plans so I can save money, and make some more


Captain America is still dead.

bin Laden still hates America, and half of Islam loves him for it!

The Left still hates America, and half of them love themselves for it! The rest are to stupid to know thier own minds.

Thats the way it IS Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007.

I'll be back soon.

USA, all the way!

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May 16, 2007

ICONIC, IRONIC, MORONIC! Greenpeace kills a few trees to 'float their boat'!

Did you know that Greenpeace has decided that it is OK to kill trees to build a ship that will never sail?  Yup! An entirely wooden construction!

If completed to scale, it could theoretically house viable breeding pairs of each specific kind of animal that exists on Earth! BUT, they are building it on a mountain!  It takes a lot of fuel (read 'carbon emissions') to get all the men and materials up there and more to keep them supplied while they nail the whole thing together and seal it up with tar (a petroleum product!)

Actually  ... they don't seem to be building it to scale, or making it seaworthy. It probabaly won't even have quarters for even a pair of animals. They probably won't tar it, and it will most likely ROT up there for years after they build it. BUT WHY EVEN BUILD IT?!

Well ... it's about the Iconic power of Noah's Ark, and the Flood.  You see ... it doesn't matter that Greenpeace has become a largely socialist-leftist organization (look up 'godless communism'), but it does matter that the largest religious minority on Earth is Christians. Christians will see the Icon, and if Greenpeace has their way, Christians will respond to their message as a result.

The Message?!  Why ... the Earth is burning up! Didn't you get the memo from Al Gore? You HAVE TO buy into the apolocalyptic vision of 'global warming' as portrayed by Gore, and his fellow alarmists. If you don't  then how can you be expected to encourage the 'Carbon Offset' industry, and generate MILLIONS, or even BILLIONS of dollars for Mr Gore and his business associates? You see ... Gore is a pioneer in developing the Carbon Trading market, and he stands to make untold wealth off of your fear. SO BE AFRAID!  Get with it! 

Anyway, for the actual (short) article, just use the link.

Meanwhile, help prevent 'global warming' by leaving your refrigerater door open 24/7 !!! We all have to do our part

USA, all the way!

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May 15, 2007

All it takes is for 'GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING'.

The war at home rages on across the issue of citizenship!

At issue in the news again today is the fact that some uppity Texans  decided to pass a law that might actually slow down local law breakers! It holds people who provide support to a known criminal element, accountable for thier actions. This rubs some one world socialists the wrong way! In fact, they are mobilizing the forces of leftist retribution!

"It is unfortunate that the residents of Farmers Branch have chosen to implement a law which is not only bad policy, but is likely also unconstitutional," said Lisa Graybill, legal director for the ACLU of Texas. "Now the issue will have to be resolved in federal court."

What Ms Greybill wants us to believe, is that it is unconstituional to prosecute someone if they provide shelter to a law breaking criminal! If you live in Farmers Branch and you help a foriegn national infiltrate this country, tap our wealth, and export it without paying taxes (Called in earlier times 'plunder!') then the new law is clear, and you will be punished!

What will the punishement be?! Will those who aid the invaders be boiled in oil?! Will those who help smugglers of human beings and national wealth be burned at the stake?! Will those who place temporary, selfish profit, ahead of national loyalty, and public security be placed before a firing squad?!

Nope!  If found guilty, they will be fined about $500.00.  Nobody gets thier figernails pulled off one at a time in some dark dungeon. Nobody gets thrown to starving wolves. They write a check ... that's it!

Now I can live with that. Yes, we are being invaded, illegally! Yes, we are betrayed by those who don't consider our national borders worth defending! However, it is easy enough to be caught up in the treachery of the invaders, who use fake Id's and false documents when they can. Lets leave it at the low fine. I'm OK with that.  

What I'm not 'OK with is when the socialists try and tell us that THE PEOPLE cannot pass laws to protect thier community from a known criminal element, and then claim it is 'uncontitutional'. Since when did the ACLU really care about the whole US Constitution? 

The whole article is below, and I hope you keep track of these events as they are occuring. We are being invaded, and some 'Americans' are helping the invaders.;_ylt=Algsx4H0ASQCldYHsoIxLaBH2ocA

Welcome all LEGAL immigrants! Have a good, invader free day!

USA, all the way!

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May 14, 2007


The terrorists think western civilization is through.

I say we are going to kick their butts into orbit!

They say "when pigs fly!"

I say, "Meet Cerdotado!"

Yes, he is Mexican, but there is nothing wrong with that. If he wants to come north and apply for citizenship, I'd say he already has a job waiting for him. This guy could SO teach binLaden to respect pork!

Check him out, and have a chuckle!

USA, all the way!

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Is this man a moderate, or practicing "taqiyya"?

Basically, you get a lot of mixed messages when discussing Islam, and it's relationship to terrorists like Osama bin Laden. 

A common message is that Islam has been 'hijacked'.  Since 9-11 there is growing momentum for the idea that it wasn't Islam that was 'hijacked' by terrorists. Rather ... the Terrorist have merely given affirmation to things that have always been at the heart of true Islam since it's origion.

It is easy to find text in the Quran, that taken IN CONTEXT, calls for war without end until all the world submits or is subservient to Islam, and Muslims. 

Islamic nationalism exists. The Caliphate, and the very concept of Ummah are nationalistic. Eventually the whole world is to be bound within the Ummah, and Caliphate.

So here we have a somewhat amusing young man who is making a few fairly simple minded arguements in an attempt to combat 'Islamophobia'. See if you can detect the 'taqiyya' at work.... and IF you happen to not know what 'taqiyya' is, you had damn sure better find out! 

Next up, I have a Hero for our dark times, One who will defend us from the haters of apes and PIGS! He may be coming to our country soon ...

Stay tuned ...

USA, all the way!

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FREE SPEECH and the war over who gets to use it!

Well I have a lot of catching up to do!

We have people using our systems of speech against US. Its bad enough with 'Political Correctness' which is 'censorship through guilt'! It's bad enough that the media censors us through ommission! It's bad enough that intellectual honesty is murdered at universities by arbitrary 'speech codes'! it's even bad that this blog is governed by 'terms of use' that may get me shut down if a speak with to much passion!

But now days we also have online communities with user provided content. Some content, like the comments left on a blog-site, or chat-rooms can get you banned. Hmmm ... Well they say you can only believe a tenth of what you read anyway.  So how about the part where you are supposed to believe half of what you see?

Well as it works out, now user-content communities are putting up video selected by thier own selves! Pretty neat! EXCEPT ... if your video is the wrong kind of 'speech' it gets deleted, and over time, so do you! Consider ... "The Great YouTube War"

On YouTube, those who seek Jihad openly, or by stealth, against the west, make the rules. Perhaps I'm exaggerating? OH, I don't think so ... it seems that Free Speech is OK if your one of THEM ... They like to hear themselves just fine ...

But they don't want anyone to hear you! They censor the truth when it hurts their narrative.

Turning US against EACH OTHER ! Again ...  By concerted effort at taqiyya, and mis-information ...

And again ... as shown by peoples reactions ...

But the word gets around ...

 What thier site looks like ...

These guys have cleaned up thier site but here it is!

But they are just changing to a different STAGING AREA to attack from.

And so the battle rages on, and not just on YouTube, though that is our focus here today ...

So we need to keep up the fight at home so these guys who are out there risking thier lives for us, have a country to come home to!

USA, all the way!

Updated about 9 times ...

vottorio203 has posed as a Christian to sow trouble between non-muslim groups, and I wanted to link an explanatory vid but it comes up as 'private' so I can't do that yet.  If I get it worked out, you will learn more. Till then, USA, all the way!

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May 11, 2007

Merely Mortal

I'm not really sure how many readers I have, but I'd like to apologize to them for not updating more often. Things have been bit overwhelming in my offline life, and I have been pre-occupied with them. I've tried to stay up to date with current events, but I never seem to have time to leave much in the way of a comment. Naturally, the blog here, has suffered.

I'm reorganizing myself, and starting Monday next, I intend to at least link to something noteworthy with a line of introduction. If I can write more, or lavish on some extra links, I will.  As with anything else, the only way 'out' is through.

If you havent heard about PBS's  noteworthy choice to supress a film about the strugle within Islam, then I'd recommend you search "Islam vs Islamists".  I WILL ge the link to you soon, so you won't have to. Nedless to say, it is unbelievable that PBS would censor a factual representation of a vital contemporary issue, but THEY HAVE DONE SO! 

Anyway, more to come in a few days. I promise!

USA, all the way!

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