April 23, 2007

HotAir exposes media inaccuracy!

Go to HotAir for the video, and see it for yourself ...


Simply explained, Lawrence O'Donnel in a hyper-emotional manner, repeats factual inaccuracies while trying to place blame for the recent tragedy in Virginia.  Either he is intentionally misleading, or he is negligent to the point it borders on criminality. For arguments sake, lets assume he is just incredibly misinformed, and ignorrant.

If you are simply a couch-potato-media-sponge with no personal experience to draw upon, you might believe O'Donnel actually knows what he is talking about. This means that when you share what you have 'learned' from O'Donnel, yakking on the phone with your friends, you will pass on the same emotive misinformation and through such means, wrong information will eventually color the national debate on Second Amendement rights.

In other words, stupidity IS contagious! 

I went to the trouble to gather some facts. O'Donnel doesn't understand 'guns' or is willing to lie about them. The guns used to commit this mass murder were semi-automatic pistols, and were never illegal during the history of US Federal Gun Laws. The magazines used in these pistols were not illegal to purchase, own, or posses at any time during the history of US Federal Gun Laws. Neither gun, nor magazines were especially remarkable as weapons go.  O'Donnel actually claims they were illegal, which is simply not true.

If he is merely confused, it may be because he doesn't bother to check his facts. Here are a few for you.

So called 'high capacity' magazines were not allowed to be manufactured during the last major anti-gun legislation. I believe there were exceptions for military, and police production contracts, but manufacturing for the public was curtailed. There were still plenty of them around, and the law didn't bar anyone from buying or selling them as they had previously.

Just so you know, a 'high capacity' magazine as defined by that law, can hold no more than 10 rounds. By way of comparison, a farmer in Kansas 140 years ago could buy , and own a rifle holding 16 rounds in it's magazine, so the standard for 'high capacity' is an arbitrary figure.

The pistols used were 'semi-automatic' pistols, and as such, do not 'spray' bullets while the trigger is held down. You have to pull the trigger for each bullet fired. Semi-automatic pistols have existed for over 100 years, and 'double action' pistols which use a different mechanism to do basically the same thing, have existed for longer than that!

O'Donnel calls this a "High tech" crime.  Yup! Sure! If you consider the horse and buggy 'high tech' I guess you could make that argument. 

The only things 'high tech' about this crime are these:  The way our society has set up it's citizens to be defenseless when they are attacked by law breakers is a result of technology induced 'gun' hysteria over the airwaves.  The way technology is used to organize and politicize the reactions we see spreading all across the country, and the way modern communication can spread propaganda, and misinformation, WHICH leads to emotional stupidity at the ballot box.

This IS a crime and a tragedy! IT IS being politicized. And when one side of a political argument starts, the other side has to rally it's own forces, or leave the field to thier enemy. So here we are, in this sick and twisted game of trying to wring advantage from the horrible massacre of dozens of bright young people, who simply lacked the means to save themselves, and were killed for it.  This can't be a proud moment for anyone on the political scene, and yet, the battle lines ar being drawn, and the agendas are marching.

And I join them. Not happily

Check out the vid that Allahpundit has at the link. Watch O'Donnel, and remember, these talking heads control your perceptions of reality if you are to lazy to gather facts on your own. Nuff' said!

USA, all the way!

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