August 09, 2007

Mauretania decides to end slavery with prison sentences.

Have you ever heard anyone talking about how , oh say ... "The Americans" enslaved all the Africans? Have you heard it in tones as if we invaded and colonized the place just to use its people?

Well one of my pet peeves as a modern American is that the USA never gets a fair shake in these kinds of rants. We as a nation, were created at the tail end of 'European' involvement with slavery. Our nations Founding Fathers were by and large mostly abolitionists. Even slave holders like Jefferson considerd the economics of it to be vulgar, and wished to change the system. It took years, and finally a war costing over half a million American lives, but we did away with slavery.

But where did the slavery start?

Slavery wasn't a common European practice. As the Moors were driven out of Spain, so the practice went mostly with them. In lands where the Serf class was still existent, such as in Russia, the people were not so much owned, as they were victims of an economic system with no developing capitalist middle class. In England, the laws had long since increased the freedom of many men, and the Magna Carta was an established matter of law.

Where slavery in the new world started, was with the legacy of the Moors. Spaniards had been exposed to this economic reality for centuries after the Moors first conquered the land about 700AD. Additionally, the north and western coasts of Africa, were close at hand. As European traders entered the African markets, there could be found all sorts of things. Of particular note, it was possible to buy human beings, slaves, from the Islamic merchants. The trade of human beings for slavery was justified by the sellers. These were pagans from the interior quite often, and in any case were "inferior" to the Muslims who took them in raids.

As the development of the new world required labor, the slaves became much more in demand,and this increased the raiding by slavers into the interior. people were taken to market, and sold to the visiting Spaniards, and other Europeans. Oh, yes, some of the best were reserved for special markets, where a slave might earn the attention of a rich Ottoman master, but after all, this was a business, and who ever pays the most, can get the best.

Well you might recall that recently Americans have been hearing more and more about how the white folks need to make amends for what the black folks have suffered. Basically, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of Americans died to free the black slaves in the USA, and despite the decades of affirmative action, which grant undue benefits and priveliges based on race, or color, some people want the "white" government to make repairations. Nice ....

And we can suppose it will be in the form of racially biased entitlements, paid out of special taxes. Who pays these taxes? Well it would probably be everyone. I suppose they could just make it a law that only white people have to pay the tax, and that other ethnic groups are exempt ...

But before we get to that point, I feel like sharing with you an inconveneient truth about slavery. for almost 150 years it has been abolished in the USA, and before that, western civilization had already done much to withdraw from the slave trade with Africa, but even today, slavery still exists, and is a cultural force to be reconed with. Not in the land of the "white people" but in Africa, where Europeans first got those really good deals from the locals.

So as you can see, I'm tired of hearing about how the white anglo saxon protestant man did this or that thing, while anti-white (and anti-Christian) bigots continue to ignore the continueing slavery in the Muslim, and third world, especially as carried on by Africans.

Thats all. I had a 'worm' attack my computer so its been awhile. I'll be back more often.

USA, all the way!

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