May 25, 2007


I find so little to be really happy with in the news.

We are fully capable of winning the second part of the war in iraq if we could get Congress to shut up and work for it. But they won't.

We could deal with the illegal immigration problem if we treated it with due respect as a major law enforcement issue, but instead we are going to trivialize the whole thing, and grant amnesty to 12 million plus invaders.

I could go on ... but I won't.

Here is to "the good old days" when of course "everything was simpler".

It really wasn't simpler. They just had less high paced information technology and media. Our collective mental mythology seems to always reach back for the past. Maybe it's human nature to yearn for 'childhood' again, when 'Mommy and Daddy' made things simple by feeding you, and clothing you, and telling you when it was bed time, and telling you it was just a nightmare when you used to wake up screaming. Yeah ... maybe.

Anyway, I need to find a pick-me-up I can share with all of you as well.

Here it is ... 

When I was younger, and I really needed to escape from my own life, I'd read the various works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. He is the guy who thought up Tarzan Of The Apes.  All of his books were a trip into high adventure where amazing coincidences played out, and noble savages faced the dangers of the wild, and the treachery of villains.

Whether it was Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, David Innes, and Abner Perry at the Earths Core, or any of his other protagonists, each of them was confronted with bizarre and exciting dangers they often had to face with personal courage, and quick wits. All of them expressed a sense of tolerance for others which was very much American.  All of them gave me a way out of my daily darkness. Yes, I was fairly depressed as a child.

Thats OK. I learned a lot from Burroughs heros that I try to apply to my world even now, years later.  No matter how bad it gets, or dark it seems, there is always a chance to turn things around as long as you are able to imagine it, and make the effort to try.

John Carter of Mars said it best, as I recall.  Faced with an impossible situation, and almost certain doom, John Carter said "I still live!"

Well ... I STILL LIVE!  And so does this country!  And so do our chances to turn this all around with courage, and wits. We can hang onto our tolerance, as long as we don't tolerate treacherous villains. We may even get an amazing coincidence or two, that help us out, BUT only if we imagine it is possible, and make the effort to try and be ready for it!


Pain may hurt, but it reminds you your not dead yet, and that is a good thing.

So lets break out the wits and courage, and go out there and kick our problems in the butt!

Thanks Ed' cause you saved my life quite a few times, and all you did was write stuff for me to read. I have never paid you back yet, but I'll try!


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