May 14, 2007

Is this man a moderate, or practicing "taqiyya"?

Basically, you get a lot of mixed messages when discussing Islam, and it's relationship to terrorists like Osama bin Laden. 

A common message is that Islam has been 'hijacked'.  Since 9-11 there is growing momentum for the idea that it wasn't Islam that was 'hijacked' by terrorists. Rather ... the Terrorist have merely given affirmation to things that have always been at the heart of true Islam since it's origion.

It is easy to find text in the Quran, that taken IN CONTEXT, calls for war without end until all the world submits or is subservient to Islam, and Muslims. 

Islamic nationalism exists. The Caliphate, and the very concept of Ummah are nationalistic. Eventually the whole world is to be bound within the Ummah, and Caliphate.

So here we have a somewhat amusing young man who is making a few fairly simple minded arguements in an attempt to combat 'Islamophobia'. See if you can detect the 'taqiyya' at work.... and IF you happen to not know what 'taqiyya' is, you had damn sure better find out! 

Next up, I have a Hero for our dark times, One who will defend us from the haters of apes and PIGS! He may be coming to our country soon ...

Stay tuned ...

USA, all the way!

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