May 15, 2007

All it takes is for 'GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING'.

The war at home rages on across the issue of citizenship!

At issue in the news again today is the fact that some uppity Texans  decided to pass a law that might actually slow down local law breakers! It holds people who provide support to a known criminal element, accountable for thier actions. This rubs some one world socialists the wrong way! In fact, they are mobilizing the forces of leftist retribution!

"It is unfortunate that the residents of Farmers Branch have chosen to implement a law which is not only bad policy, but is likely also unconstitutional," said Lisa Graybill, legal director for the ACLU of Texas. "Now the issue will have to be resolved in federal court."

What Ms Greybill wants us to believe, is that it is unconstituional to prosecute someone if they provide shelter to a law breaking criminal! If you live in Farmers Branch and you help a foriegn national infiltrate this country, tap our wealth, and export it without paying taxes (Called in earlier times 'plunder!') then the new law is clear, and you will be punished!

What will the punishement be?! Will those who aid the invaders be boiled in oil?! Will those who help smugglers of human beings and national wealth be burned at the stake?! Will those who place temporary, selfish profit, ahead of national loyalty, and public security be placed before a firing squad?!

Nope!  If found guilty, they will be fined about $500.00.  Nobody gets thier figernails pulled off one at a time in some dark dungeon. Nobody gets thrown to starving wolves. They write a check ... that's it!

Now I can live with that. Yes, we are being invaded, illegally! Yes, we are betrayed by those who don't consider our national borders worth defending! However, it is easy enough to be caught up in the treachery of the invaders, who use fake Id's and false documents when they can. Lets leave it at the low fine. I'm OK with that.  

What I'm not 'OK with is when the socialists try and tell us that THE PEOPLE cannot pass laws to protect thier community from a known criminal element, and then claim it is 'uncontitutional'. Since when did the ACLU really care about the whole US Constitution? 

The whole article is below, and I hope you keep track of these events as they are occuring. We are being invaded, and some 'Americans' are helping the invaders.;_ylt=Algsx4H0ASQCldYHsoIxLaBH2ocA

Welcome all LEGAL immigrants! Have a good, invader free day!

USA, all the way!

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