August 24, 2007

Cat Stevens and his DEEN!

You may know Cat Stevens as the 'Peace Train' dude, but he became a Muslim some time ago. I'm not going to go into to much detail today. But if you watch the vid, or you follow the link, you can watch what Islam did to the mind of 'PeaceTrain' Cat Stevens and then you can decide whether it is a religion of peace or not;


If you think this is because he doesn't understand his religious obligations, I suggest you do mor research.

As an update, the YouTube accounts of various users are being targeted by organized campaigns of Muslims, and end up being suspended. Now retaliation has occured as atheists, and other non-muslims have tried the same thing.

YouTube is both a source for information, and a war zone to promote the point of view you want heard while trying to silence your opposition. How long this will continue, we can only guess.

USA all the way!

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