July 06, 2007


So I guess if you speak your mind, and vote your conscience with the Democratic party, they try and throw you off the truck, and discredit you ... but treatment like that doesn't always go unpunished. Lieberman proves the point. He also proves there is a market for candidates who are thier own men, and not the slaves of party dogma. Consider the following link ...


As it works out, Lieberman is going to KEEP voting his conscience. The Dems had to cut the chains from him to throw him off, and now it seems he is genuinely FREE! No more chains! Bruised, but better than ever, Liberman is a force greater now, than he ever was as a party stooge.

I don't always agree with him, and in fact, I sometimes really strongly disagree, but I do genuinely respect him.  If he ran for office I'd count him a viable candidate, because I like direct, and honest leaders. He could get my vote! Serious!   ...   So far I'm a Fred-Head. I wonder who Fred could run with ...?

USA, all the way!

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