May 16, 2007

ICONIC, IRONIC, MORONIC! Greenpeace kills a few trees to 'float their boat'!

Did you know that Greenpeace has decided that it is OK to kill trees to build a ship that will never sail?  Yup! An entirely wooden construction!

If completed to scale, it could theoretically house viable breeding pairs of each specific kind of animal that exists on Earth! BUT, they are building it on a mountain!  It takes a lot of fuel (read 'carbon emissions') to get all the men and materials up there and more to keep them supplied while they nail the whole thing together and seal it up with tar (a petroleum product!)

Actually  ... they don't seem to be building it to scale, or making it seaworthy. It probabaly won't even have quarters for even a pair of animals. They probably won't tar it, and it will most likely ROT up there for years after they build it. BUT WHY EVEN BUILD IT?!

Well ... it's about the Iconic power of Noah's Ark, and the Flood.  You see ... it doesn't matter that Greenpeace has become a largely socialist-leftist organization (look up 'godless communism'), but it does matter that the largest religious minority on Earth is Christians. Christians will see the Icon, and if Greenpeace has their way, Christians will respond to their message as a result.

The Message?!  Why ... the Earth is burning up! Didn't you get the memo from Al Gore? You HAVE TO buy into the apolocalyptic vision of 'global warming' as portrayed by Gore, and his fellow alarmists. If you don't  then how can you be expected to encourage the 'Carbon Offset' industry, and generate MILLIONS, or even BILLIONS of dollars for Mr Gore and his business associates? You see ... Gore is a pioneer in developing the Carbon Trading market, and he stands to make untold wealth off of your fear. SO BE AFRAID!  Get with it! 

Anyway, for the actual (short) article, just use the link.

Meanwhile, help prevent 'global warming' by leaving your refrigerater door open 24/7 !!! We all have to do our part

USA, all the way!

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