July 05, 2007

In the struggle between civilization, and barbarism, who is targeting children?

I can tell you this ... it is never the purpose or intent of the civilized West, to select and attack a helpless 3 year old girl on her way to school!


Much is made about the West (UK, NATO, USA) killing children when striking at the Taliban, or whatever other terrorists. It happens because the terrorists are exploiting them as cannon fodder, or cover.  Children are taught to hate at the age of three, to pray for martyrdom by the time they are ten, and strap on a suicide belt, or pick up a AK-47 as early as age 11.

Oh yeah, sometimes the men Michael Moore called 'freedom fighter' will get carried away, and strap a bomb onto a six year old (or hadn't you heard about that?) but basically the pattern is solid.

We in the West send our men into a noble effort to rout terrorism, and the terrorists throw thier children into the line of fire, often primed to kill our men!

Today's link is all about a little girl stolen, her life targeted as possibly forfeit, if someone doesn't cave in to the demands of those who stole her.

Her attackers are the kind of vermin who have no human decency, and they are the kind our troops have to confront every day, while our media system seems intent to tar and feather them for taking the responsability, and facing this kind of horror. May I add, that our brave servicemen, and women, do this out of love for country, and they do it voluntarily?

Evil men like Michael Moore would have you believe it is US, and our champions, who are sick, and misguided. What ever do you suppose he gets out of doing that?  It's not as if he could make a hundred million dollars or anything ....

Actually, I'd wager Moore has gotten richer than a Haliburton CEO by ripping on, and lying about our troops, and thier commander in chief! Haliburton itself is less profitable annually then the industries that have popped up to cash in on the 'global warming' hysteria. Go figure....

I suppose Moore would try to find a way to blame the West for the terror that a little British child is now going through. If she dies, I'd bet he will ignore it, or justify it in light of 'Western' crimes. Meanwhile her family ...

... you can only imagine what they are going through. If you were the mother of a beautiful child (if your a Parent, then the child must be beautiful) and the child was stolen by rough and violent extremists, where is your consolation?

Nothing helps but getting your child back, safe, and sound! I hope and pray that this child is back home as soon as possible, and her family may heal.

USA, all the way!


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