November 02, 2007

I'm a sad sad excuse for a blogger, however, please help me anyway!

I'm after this guy.


He  is a hater, and he has fun with it. I'd like to (CENSORED) so he never does this sort of thng again, but that would be illegal.

Many of us have already complained to YouTube about him. This is my latest complaint below;

I'm flagging this user for hate speech.

I'm also passing this on to friends in the media, including bloggers I know.

You seem to have very one sided policies that the public needs to be aware of.

Thank you for not setting a good example.


Now if you want to go and complain to Youtube about this guy, I'd really appreciate it. if you want to go to the media, and let them have a peek, I'd say go for it!

YouTube enforces it's Terms Of Service in a bigoted and one sided way, regarding anything involving the religion of peace, or liberal politics. They are protected by YT lack of interest, while YT zeros in on their opposites, like Anti-jihad, anti-lib videos, who they do delete quite frequently.

So please go and complain, so this sick hater gets a letter, or maybe suspended. And thank you




UPDATED 11/04/07

The weasel! I posted a comment at Howie's Blog, and at MyPetJawa, just comments, and he switched his background from what it had been before;

Jesus Christ nailed to a huge swastika!

He is still a hater, and the sort who claims interfaith dialogue is for the weak. I don't know what to ask for now. The YouTubers who pointed him out to me were trying to get YouTube to stop ignoring them, and as we know, YT is quick to delete anything anti-terror, or anti-left, but slow to take down anti-American stuff.


I figure they actually bothered to read thew Jawa Report because it is a top notch blog, and in my personal opinion the very best of the best! If your all about defeating the Jihad against the west, you read the Jawa Report, and I think the enemy knows this very well. So I thank the Jawas for being there.

I really have to do my job with this Blog, and turn up the heat on YouTube Jihadists. Even the little cowardly ones that live in sock accounts.


Anyway, thanks to all my fans


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1 Hi USA all the way Michael Weaver.....I went to flag the creep and his account is suspended!   WooHoo....way to go...

Posted by: ZionistHore#2 at January 06, 2008 01:47 AM (m2p07)

2 Oops...looked again and said....closed....Hope he didn't move...

Posted by: ZionistHore#2 at January 06, 2008 01:50 AM (m2p07)

3 Michael, sweetie! I was wondering where you had went!!! Good work!!

Posted by: Leapofaith at January 08, 2008 05:10 PM (/yZOu)

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