July 03, 2007


Scooter Libby has had his sentence commuted, and so now at least he doesn't have to go to prison while he is appealing his bogus conviction.  Libby is a human being who pretty obviously got railroaded via the insanity of "Bush derangement syndrome". 

If getting confused about memories was really a crime deserving prison time, then every Mom who got confused about the recipe while baking cookies should go to prison as well! Libby has been succesfully mauled by Bush haters, when he had nothing to do with anything ABOUT Plames 'outing'.

He was asked about what he could remember, and because memory is often a sketchy thing, he gave answers that could be made to seem as if they were intentional lies, by a determined prosecutors.

Because the left still engages in the modern version of the 'Witch hunt' we will continue to see such travesties of justice. Good people will be smeared on the stand, and simple human vulnerability will be exploited to satisfy the cruel demands of partisan politics. Worse ... they will only be attacking good people who are seen as 'them'.  People like Bill Clinton will get away with a measured, obvious and calculated lie, right into the cameras, but Scooter, who was only struggling to remember something, will be burned at the proverbial stake!

We need to realize that the left can now ruin you with special prosecutors, activist judges, and hype, even if you are as innocent as a baby! And they will do so without conscience, if it suits thier politic purposes.

We live in evil times kids!  Some folks want to chop of our head cause we aren't submissive enough, and others want to chain us down and beat us because we aren't pathologically socialist!  Learn to fight!

USA, all the way!

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