May 11, 2007

Merely Mortal

I'm not really sure how many readers I have, but I'd like to apologize to them for not updating more often. Things have been bit overwhelming in my offline life, and I have been pre-occupied with them. I've tried to stay up to date with current events, but I never seem to have time to leave much in the way of a comment. Naturally, the blog here, has suffered.

I'm reorganizing myself, and starting Monday next, I intend to at least link to something noteworthy with a line of introduction. If I can write more, or lavish on some extra links, I will.  As with anything else, the only way 'out' is through.

If you havent heard about PBS's  noteworthy choice to supress a film about the strugle within Islam, then I'd recommend you search "Islam vs Islamists".  I WILL ge the link to you soon, so you won't have to. Nedless to say, it is unbelievable that PBS would censor a factual representation of a vital contemporary issue, but THEY HAVE DONE SO! 

Anyway, more to come in a few days. I promise!

USA, all the way!

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